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Junior year was also the year of perfecting the college application essay. One assignment required researching state colleges and using their admissions essay topics. My teacher supplied the class with admissions earning essays written by her previous students as examples. One of my favorite assignments was painting a picture with words. All the students had to go out and get a real piece of artwork. It didn’t have to be the real Rembrandt and the poster versions sufficed. One kid in class interpreted the story behind Van Gogh’s Starry Night and inspired me to write a part two that would eventually serve its time on the ‘writers wall of fame’ for a week.

Senior year the creative writing took a back seat and focus shifted towards literature, how to compile reports and write research papers. This was an important learning period because I was introduced to the kind of work that would be expected in a college classroom. I wrote my first 6 page paper in my government class and all the research had to come out of books. That experience doesn’t seem so exhausting anymore compared to infinity paged college research papers. In college I mixed the creative and the practical. Research became an important aspect of every assignment and I thanked my teachers for instilling the basic concepts in me. College has helped me enhance my writing skills because I started reading a vast variety of books. As I read authors who belonged to different cultures I realized that they had vast differences in their writing styles. What my English teacher said in high school proved to be very true. With each book I read I enhanced my writing skills because I continuously observed their style and embedded it into my own writing.

Squiggly ‘pees’ turned into ‘esses’ or not, spelling words helped me embark upon a journey that taught my how to paint with words. I learned that in the world of creative writing the ‘elle’ had to be squiggly and the ‘jay’ a diagonally positioned concave lens. My learning process has still not ended and I continue to grow everyday as a writer, a communicator, and as a person.

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