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There are three basic terminologies that are widely used for the continued education and these three terminologies are discussed and compared below:

  • tech prep-articulation arguments
  • dual credit
  • dual enrollment

Tech prep-articulation arguments

Tech prep-articulation arguments are considered as one of the important aspects as far as continued education is concerned. These arguments were quite helpful in integration the activities because they actually provide a solid framework for implementation. In the similar manner it can be said that an additional feature of these arguments were the linkage of secondary and primary programs. However, in most of the circumstances it can be said that the articulation is concentrated more at the secondary school level and that is the reason why the burden falls of counselors, administrators and teachers of high schools in order to implement these programs.

Dual Credit

The terminology of dual credit and dual credit courses are quite famous in the scenario of colleges and universities. These dual courses are widely used all around the world and these courses in certain cases also count towards the high school requirements. As far as teaching of this course is concerned then it can be said that these courses are taught by a high school teacher with certain appropriate credentials and it might also be taught by a permanent faculty member of a college or a university. The student who is actually taken a dual credit course earns dual credit for the course. Usually the student earns the credit of the high school of college credit for a particular course. In the similar manner it can also be said that both the high school and the college work together to award credit to the student upon the completion of the course (Townsend and Twonbly).

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