In addition, women leaders have also exhibited leadership abilities in complex environments where the need of sharing power and information is required. For this reason, environments where women have proven to be better leaders are in organizations or businesses that deal with education since there are better able to lead in career advancement[1].

The other leadership style that is commonly associated with women leaders is the transformational style. This is because women posses emotional intelligence which is effective in this style. This is women have the ability to empower and give support to their subordinates. These are the requirements for the transformational leader who seeks to motivate workers. Since women have been gender stereotyped to be emotional, supportive and motivators, they tend to be better charismatic leaders. Moreover, they are able to build professional relationships based on inspiration, trust and consideration. Therefore, the wide spread understanding of leadership requirements and styles have led many organizations to realize that women gender traits can make them effective leaders. Such a progressive view is an improvement in the US business scenario as compared to previous decades.

[1] Gardiner A. Rita, A Critique, 84.

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