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The leadership of Ford motors is quite phenomenal and all the leaders are change oriented and that is the reason why the company excelled in both the short and the long run. The senior management in Ford manages the employees in a proactive manner and they implemented different strategies that are beneficial for the employees in both the short and the long run. Since the employees were managed properly that is the reason why the company was experiencing favorable returns.

After the policies of Ford Motor Corporation the state of Michigan converted into a cradle of revolution. The managers of Ford Motor Corporation are considered to be cooperative and they empower the employees to produce best possible results. This approach benefitted Ford organization a lot and the company was once considered as a hub of reengineering and transformation. This organization implements all the modern management principles and they believe that principles like Kanban, JIT, Kaizen although were developed by some other organization but it is no harm in adopting these techniques as these principles are beneficial for them in both the short and the long run and the organization can maximize its profits with this approach. That is the reason why besides all the basic management principles like planning, organizing, leading and controlling certain newer functions are also implemented within the organization (Meyer, 2007). These newer principles are adopted and implemented with the cooperation of employees and the employees are the one that implements change in this organization. That is the reason why the organization comes up with different designs of automobiles and novel ideas through which their customer base is extending. The customer preferences are evaluated through feedback and survey and the entire organization is carrying out a channelized approach in which all the stakeholders of the organization are benefitting from it.

The business model of Ford was very successful and it was quite stable as well. The systems were linked with each other and newer technologies and phenomenons were implemented. However, a time came when they were facing problems in the automobile industry and much of their sales were from the trucks and not from their core business that is cars. After that Ford initiated new model of cars and engaged the employees in brainstorming session that allowed the company to grow at a rapid pace. At that time the CEO of the company (Jacques Nasser) claims that company is not moving along a fast pace and they have to change their mindsets. In order to face the stiffer competition they have to find new and innovative ways of doing business.

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