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This organization has certain issues with transformation but the front line managers are trying hard to change and transform the approach of the organization.  One of the managers focuses on the assembly line and he has devised mobile service units for the betterment of the organization. Similarly, another manager of the organization is willing that the organization should change the brand and make it a bit interesting arranging Ford branded leisure programs and adventure trips.

This strategy would enhance the customer base of the organization and the organization can retain their customers on a long term basis. Similarly, an employee of the organization presents a basic idea that free oil change and other services should be offered to the customers during the warranty period in this way their loyalty towards the brand would be increased. In these ways the managers and the employees coordinated together for the betterment of the organization and this transformational overall should increase the profits of the company. This attempt of Ford is developing a strong culture in the organization and their senior managers believe that they are building “warrior-entrepreneurs” in their organization who have the courage to initiate an idea and then they strive hard to make the idea a reality (Meyer, 2007). They have developed different leadership programs that are benefitting the organization and business leadership programs are also implemented in the organization that allows them to increase the communication levels of the employees and to foster the overall growth of the organization. That is the reason why employees are satisfied with their organization and the approach of their organization.  A proper managerial environment is initiated in the entire organization which focuses on the basics of management and inculcates certain other managerial issues.

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