Sample Essay

Statement of Issue

Deluxe financial services must implement new and modernized methods to retain customers from buying checks because consumer preferences are changing and they are adopting more modernized techniques for buying checks.

SWOT Analysis

External Analysis


  • Electronic payment options have changed the consumer preferences and the demand for buying conventional checks has decreased immensely.
  • Primary customers were FI’s which were also opting for new methods and they consider this activity of buying checks as unimportant, boring and a commodity.


  • A research study evaluated that customers want more than just paper check and they want most services at FI’s.
  • Consumers are willing to change their preferences and their perceptions about checks.
  • Delivering what the customer wanted efficiently and effectively would generate higher profits.

Internal Analysis


  • Deluxe is amongst the top companies in the world and it serves to more than 8000 banks, credit unions, and financial service companies.
  • Powerful workforce that is willing to work hard for the betterment of the organization.
  • Strategic thinking ability at the top hierarchy of the organizations which can brainstorm effective ideas for the organization.
  • Framing a forward looking vision and an urge for success in the top management.


  • If strategic and forward looking approach isn’t present in the organization then the organization would lose its current place because electronic checks, ATM cards, wire transfer would occupy its place. 

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