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Traditional institutions, especially prestigious ones, are notorious for overcharging students in their line for work to impart quality education that they claim is the best in the business. An example can be found in numerous universities increasing their tuition fee for students.

The University of California, Los Angeles recently announced its decision to increase tuition fees and the trend to do so have increased to an extent so high that the Council for Industry & Higher Education had to put forth suggestions for universities to work with local banks if they wished to go beyond the caps of their fees. Also, universities were instructed to justify increases in fee structures. One can identify that such measures can only come forth as a result of an increase in fee that is anything but a regular and normal.

In this regard, it comes forth as clearly evident that it would be more adequate to engage in the acquisition of education through distance learning programs rather than attending the campus. This statement takes on the position of an undeniable fact when one considers the actuality that higher education is expensive across the globe and while its necessity cannot be ignored, it cannot be pursued without satisfaction of the financial prerequisites.

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