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In nearly every society torture has a negative connotation and it is usually referred to as any act of severe pain that can occur physically or mentally and it is usually occurred on an individual to obtain information, punish him, having general prejudicial feelings about him/her and etc (Sands). Torture is sometimes targeted to a group of individuals and it is also sponsored by the government to attain personal benefits or for the sake of nation. However, torture is usually used for political concerns.

Torture the polar opposite of freedom is not good for the society and it possess both short and long effect on the society (Sullivan). One of the classic examples of torture is the torture inflicted by American soldiers on the prisoners of Guantanamo bay. The prisoners were inflicted with mental and physical pain and that is the reason why many of the prisoners got insane.

However, collaborative efforts must be developed by individuals and the governments to abolish this menace. A viable strategy to abolish torture is to develop a forgiving attitude and in uncertain situations governments and law oriented agencies must abide by the laws. Inflicting torture would hurt an individual’s self esteem and he/she might not be able to live properly after that. That is the reasons why individual and groups must not inflict or torture as it possess negative effects both in the short and the long run. Governments should opt for a dialogue if an unwanted situation arises. Collaborative attitude must be adopted by the parties who are inflicting torture and the sufferers. Both must understand the aftermaths of torture.

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