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The English philosopher Thomas Hobbes, (1588-1679) was one of the major thinkers in the field of political philosophy.

In contrast to the philosophers that sanctified and idealized the state of nature, Hobbes holds that the state of nature is a miserable state. He identifies nature with absolute chaos and a perpetual state of war (Vasquez-Dennis).

Hobbes holds that being rational creatures, humans can see that the state peace and order is superior to the state of war and disorder. In order to achieve the state of peace and order, it in incumbent upon humans to submit to what he calls, the ‘Laws of Nature’.

The ‘Laws of Nature’ to Hobbes, are basically manifestations of the golden rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. To conform to these laws, it is necessary to submit to a higher authority and to abstain from such evils as injustice, cruelty and ingratitude (Rollin).

Even though Hobbes lacked the idea of the sanctity of nature, Hobbes’ philosophy cannot justify the creation of Frankenstein’s monster because it necessitates that an individual confirm to the laws and norms of their society (Lockridge).

Since the creation of an artificial man was obviously considered unequivocally detestable in Dr. Frankenstein’s society, there is no way to justify his experiment.

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