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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs best explains motivation because it walks through each of the life stages of a human being. Our first and most basic needs are physiological. We need food, water, sleep, oxygen and sex. Without the fulfillment of the fulfillment of these basic needs a human being cannot move forward. When a person does not have their basic needs they are motivated to fulfill these needs. For example, If I am starving because I haven’t had food for days and I don’t have an education because my parents need me to work on the farm land and help them raise money I will chose food over education.

This is the basic principle of life and this why underdeveloped countries still exist. Education helps a person grow and expand their thinking abilities to make better decisions in life. Underdeveloped countries are they way they are because the masses are starved of an education. Everyday these starved masses pick food over an education because to open a book and study you must first have a full belly. Unfortunately, most people in underdeveloped countries cannot even afford to fulfill their basic needs and therefore reaching the self-actualization stage is impossible. Henceforth, underdeveloped countries stay underdeveloped. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs might not be applicable in a country like America because it is a place where a person can actually rise through hard work. Therefore the same theory can be use as least convincing for a developed country like America where some people are born without ever having to cross the first stage in the hierarchy. Most people in developed countries already have safety measure taken care of and don’t need to fight for basic needs to move forward in life. Henceforth, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs hits home when it comes to underdeveloped countries but it least convincing when it comes to developed countries.

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