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Racism is a complex subject which could lead to a more complex study because racism includes the phenomenon of enmity in terms of physical attributes which could not be classified easily. People all around the world have raised the question of racism many times and every time the answer remains the same. Theories of History: Racism is a chapter taken from the context of the book Readings in Global History written by Anthony Synder. The book includes the theme of racism dealing with its classification conducted by a number of scientists and anthropologists.

Since the days of my childhood, a question has wandered in my mind and I have never been able to get an answer that would satisfy my quest. The thing that always bothered me was why people are so different in their skin color, hair texture, facial features and other such attributes. In my quest for an answer that would satisfy me, I read countless researches and papers related to race but when I got to read Anthony Synder’s paper, it helped me considerably in clearing out the questions that my mind always pondered upon regarded racism. Apart from teaching me about the races, the book helped me in knowing whether race has anything to do with the success or failures of different societies.

Anthony clearly states that humans get to know some humanistic palette of colors everyday as people in the world have different skin complexions including yellow, reddish, dark brown, pinky white, pale pinks etc (Synder, 2008). But the question that bothers me is why so much diversity in human colors? Why do the hair texture and facial structures vary so widely when one moves across the continent?

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