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Theodore Roosevelt is viewed by majority as the greatest president in the history of America. Theodore was the 26th president of America and he was highly energetic in terms of regulating the domestic and international affairs. A number of accomplishments by Theodore Roosevelt helped the country to gain national character and power that resulted in the emergence of America as the greatest country in the world. This paper analyzes the role of Theodore Roosevelt in the national policy that contributed greatly in the national power.

Theodore Roosevelt is regarded as the forceful president who had the potential to get things done. Theodore is regarded as the greatest president in the history of America because he was an extraordinary man who achieved the hopes and aspiration of the American people. He had a strong persona and was able control the business of America from the White House. His major contribution had been his untiring support for equal opportunities for every American citizen. He is considered to be the arbiter of the conflicting American economy, national power and national character (Iglehart, 2009).

Theodore Roosevelt’s greatest achievement was Monroe Doctrine that was a policy by him for the purpose of halting the European government from colonizing or interfering in the state affairs of America. Theodore passed the policy in 1823 in return of the action by the European government against Venezuela for failure in its debt commitments. Theodore found the practice of the European government as a threat to America. The policy by Theodore Roosevelt brought about the revolution in the national power of America. Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency introduced the Monroe Doctrine that also gave a new direction for exercising static power over other states (Iglehart, 2009).

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