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The two stories in the following paragraphs discuss the theme of ‘motive’ for Shakespeare’s Othello and Dante’s The Canterbury Tales. The perception of human beings and their character is characterized in the depiction of carefully structured and characterized heroes of both the authors.

Shakespeare’s Othello

William Shakespeare lived in and dreamt of a world that was ahead of his time. With Othello, Shakespeare paints a picture of a subliminally tragic hero. The premise of this tragedy lies in Othello’s inherent tragic flaw that overpowers his sense of perception and leads him to evaluate situations in a disparate context altogether. Similarly, the character of Iago is rigidly sketched to resemble that of a veiled but vicious friend. Iago’s motives might have been left to the reader’s interpretation, since most readers have to be compliant to the author’s omniscience; however, it is reflected in the distasteful manner in which Iago refers to the characters he dispels. Iago’s bestiality confers a sense of supremacy and dominance on him.

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