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The X and Y theory was proposed by Douglas McGregor and there are two theories attached to it. The theory X states that employees of an organization don’t like to work and they will avoid it. Since employees don’t like to work that is the reason why they will be forced to do work. However, theory X revolves around the scenario that employees of an organization are motivated enough to do work and they are more organized when the work oriented responsibilities are concerned. However, an analysis of both the theories suggests that an employee that is working on the basis of theory X is authoritative in nature while an employee who works on the basis of theory Y is participated in nature.

In the similar manner the two factor theory of Herzberg is also considered as an important motivational theory as it focuses on the two factors. These two factors are motivation and the hygiene. The motivational factors that were described by Herzberg are job advancement, challenges and the achievements in the job. In the similar manner hygiene factors are salary, relationship with the coordinates etc.

Employees are usually satisfied with both types and strategists / analysts believe that both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is essential for the employees. Intrinsic motivation is related to the fact that rewards are inherent in nature and they are associated with the elements like a pat on the back or appreciation by the supervisor. In the similar manner extrinsic motivation or extrinsic rewards in an organizational context is related to the fact that there are certain rewards like monetary pays, payment appraisals etc (DeCanzo and Robbins 2009). In both the context employees are motivated and the performance of employees in an organization is based is mainly based on these elements.

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