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Economists believe that United States can easily come out of the recession and all the effects of the recession can be cleared from the memories of the workers in American economy but it would take a long time. The Barack Obama government had helped the workers of United States by introducing the stimulus package.

The unemployment rate in the American society had increased so rapidly that the hypothetical rate of unemployed population has been left behind that was used for the stress test in the banks and private sectors for the purpose of attaining abrupt numerical for policy changes (Families USA, 2009). US never had such a higher rate of unemployment in his entire history. At present the total number of unemployed population is higher than the last two years. This rate increased gradually

The rate of unemployment in the US is a fluctuating raise and it is merely because of the increase and downturn of the economical activities. The great recession was almost a hard stroke for the economy of the US.  According to many researches, the consistent findings indicate that the wage stability had promoted unemployment stability in the past. The contemporary rate stares that more than 12 million Americans are jobless at the moment that is serving as a greatest deploy of the US economy to grow. The unemployed people will bring vast changes in the society and government to control.

Regardless of the extensive factors that appear to making unemployment in the US a highly complicated and intense subject, a recent research revealed that the unemployment in the US is currently at a standing that has gone from moderate to worse when compared with that that is currently being experienced by other economies. The research showed that the US unemployment trends come forth as having deteriorated when compared with the unemployment trends that other economies across the globe have posted up in light of the recent recession (Hughes & Perlman, 1984). This was because of the fact that previous researches had failed to give due significance to a number of external factors that should have been considered to be of primary relevance when judging the state of unemployment in the US. The manner in which unemployment in the US in its current standing is perceived is one that is dependent on an extensive degree on the years chosen as a sample for the forecasting of future unemployment rates.

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