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“The Tyranny of the Normal” is an article written by America’s most brilliant literary and social critic, Leslie Fiedler. This article includes all the sequels of the bioethics such as the issue of infanticide, abortion, the roles of the doctors in our society and how the society degrades the abnormalities in the handicaps. Fiedler is a critic, and through his critical analysis he observes the mythology related to the abnormal behaviors in our society. In this article, we can find a great deal of examples from the history which helps us to understand what exactly Leslie Fielder in his article is observing. There are much of his viewpoints that are similar to the majority of the people but some of his viewpoints denote his lack of acceptance regarding the social moderation.

Fiedler in his essay describes the picture of the society from the sights of the abnormal people who are referred to Freaks by the Fiedler himself. According to him the society doesn’t let the abnormal and people who are disable, to breathe in the circle of peace. In “The tyranny of the normal”, Leslie Fiedler uses the word “Freak” for the persons who do not fit in the society’s bound of normalcy (Fiedler, 1993 p.5). He argues in his essay that the tendency of the cultures for the purpose of defining what normal is in nature and what should be done to those who are abnormal from the day one of their life. Contemporary picture of the society demonstrates that everyone is in the conquest of being outside the tyranny of the normal. In this regards only the rich people can get out of this tyranny because they have the money to customize themselves and become what the world thinks and defines as the normal (Donley & Buckley, 1996 p.6). In this case only the poor people who are physiologically abnormal and not capable to get done with the expensive surgeries are subjected to the Freaks.

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