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One of the first phones to make use of android based operating systems was the T-Mobile G1 which is also known as the HTC Dream. The operating system of the T-Mobile G1 was designed by Google while the hardware end was taken care of by HTC. The phone was released in late 2008 and was followed by the HTC Magic.

The T-Mobile G1is a phone that experienced a significant degree of sales upon its release and has become a recognized phone in the US. However, it is imperative to realize that there were a large number of complaints and queries about the T-Mobile G1regarding issues such as battery capacity and software compatibility capabilities. These needs are now finally being addressed and T-Mobile is on the verge of launching a new mobile phone aimed at addressing areas where the T-Mobile G1let consumers down[1]. It is important to highlight at this point that even though the T-Mobile G1is only fairly recent in terms of cell phone release time, it has acquired a large share of the market through early adopters and it is the same segment of the consumers that is facing the sharp end of the deal.

The phone that T-Mobile is about to launch is considered to be T-Mobile’s second android based phone and is referred to as the MyTouch 3G. The MyTouch 3G has already acquired fame because of its enhanced capabilities but there appears to be a discrepancy when it comes to the approach that the launch of the MyTouch 3G is incorporating with regard to the early adopters of the T-Mobile G1. the general practice on the part of T-Mobile would be allow early adopters of T-Mobile G1 to avail a discount if they wish to purchase a MyTouch 3G. However, it appears that not only are early adopters of the T-Mobile G1 being deprived of a discount offer but an incompatibility is also leaving the early adopters of the T-Mobile G1 in just as deep waters.


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