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The society that was being brought up by the native Californian was a society of Americans only where eastern immigrants were given the status of slaves. Such a perspective and social status for the eastern immigrants led the immigrants develop contempt and hatred for the native Californians. Such circumstances brought difficult situation in the society. The social changes and movements directly affected the business aspect of the state. The native Californians were treated well and given the higher position in the profession of mining whereas the eastern immigrants were given less wages and more work load in comparison with the native Californians. Miserable situation and contempt between the races and different nationalities led the civil war between the states. The civil war between the states was a result of attainment of the social characters of the immigrants. The social history of California was often found unbalanced due to a large number of immigrants and the purpose to get the better living (Bandini).

The civil war of America took place in 1861 that continued till 1865. California aided the soldiers with the money to finance the war.  The volunteers that were sent to aid the war were more than 15,000. California played a major role in order to aid the civil war.  The wealth of the state was in gold that made the state capable enough to finance the war. The population also led the state help the civil war.

The civil war was followed by the railroad era. The railroad area is often termed as the controversial era due to its both negative and positive attributes. The creation of railroads provided a connection of California to the rest of the country. People were able to travel anywhere with ease.  California was no more isolated from the rest if the country. But the negative attribute of the railroads were visible to the farmers. The shipping rates were increased for the farmers for the purpose of shipping the agriculture products. Though the creation of the railroads were considered as the biggest achievement of the state but brought some of the business problem in the sipping business as well (Robertson).

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