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Early adopters have the influencing power in them and since they are the ones who have tried the brand therefore there referral power is considered to be the maximum. However, this referral power can be positive and negative too and it merely depends upon the attributes and benefits of a certain brand. But once a brand is adopted by early adopters they can definitely influence their surrounding, environment and their communities.

The sales of organizations can experience positive returns just by the referrals of early adopters. That is the reason why organization devise proper strategies when the market early adopters because a flaw in the marketing strategy or in the product would affect the long term objectives of the organization. Early adopters can influence their relatives, friends, colleagues etc once they try out a certain brand of a certain organization. The reputation of brands can also be tarnished by these people and these people are sometimes so dejected about a certain brand which they have adopted that they write negative reviews about that brand and this would act as a de-marketing element for a certain brand and the sales of that brand would definitely be affected by this strategy.

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