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Communication is considered as an important element for every individual’s life and different modes of communication are prevalent in the society. Cell phones have actually changed the normal facet of communication and modernized approach is followed in the cell phone industry. Prepaid cell phones are slowly and gradually creeping in our society and they are considered as an effective communication medium. This paper gives a brief analysis of the prepaid cell phone industry and emphasis is laid on the strategic aspect that is attached with the prepaid cell phones. In the similar manner analysis is done through porter’s five forces of competition. Finally, the discussion is made on the scenario and analysis is done through that scenario.

The prepaid phone is usually associated with buying minutes first through online systems or replaceable cards and then consuming it. When an individual is out of minutes then he/she can purchase another card to continue using his/her phone (Johnson, 2009).

As implied by the name the prepaid phone industry deals in the prepaid phones and there are several prepaid companies that exist in the market the names of the companies are Tracfone, Net10, Callwave, T-mobile, Virgin Mobile, etc. However, there are certain organizations that are prevailing in the market that locks you in a year’s contract and that is the reason why they don’t prefer prepaid contracts. However, the analysis of the industry shows that customer retention and the satisfaction of the customers are minimal in the post paid or the contract industry and they organizations usually would not care once you have opted for their contract. The propensity of usage in the US industry is relatively high and the related industries that are associated with the mobile market are also attaining benefits from the rise of the prepaid cell phone industry.

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