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The best thing about the book is that it does let the readers get off from the track and keep it interesting for the readers to read the history in a new way as this author has appointed the method of telling a story. That’s why this book of history is too easy for the readers to read. This book provides a window to the brief history of the English nation. Elizabeth I has been the woman of all type as she has managed to be persuasive to the nation leading such changes.

In this book the author has defined the motivational level of Elizabeth I through comparing with her father Henry VII.  In her journey for the development of English Nation, she was dependent upon few of her trusted advisors. Most famous among these trusted advisors of Elizabeth I was William Cecil and Baron Burghley.

The author considers the Elizabeth as the topic of debate itself as she was never married to anyone despite of many of the parliamentarian petitions. The true reason behind her single status was a rumor.  Some stated that she was not able to bear child while others boosted that she feared that her throne will be given to heir in order to rule when she will get old. Elizabeth was a short-tempered lady and she never required a man for the governance.

This book goes through the Elizabeth’s journey and enters us to the facts such as her courage and devotion towards the English nation. Elizabeth is considered as a moderate and focused in comparison with her family that had a background of struggle and politics. This journey of struggle and development of English nation in the Elizabeth’s era is considered to be the golden era of the history of England. This era was completely portrayed in the form of English art through painting and playwrights. Many play writers have used Elizabeth I as a protagonist of their plays because her life provides great many events in history that should be known to the world.

In this book the readers can read about both sides of the personality of the Elizabeth’s life because the author Susan Ronald has described Elizabeth as courageous person as well as fallible personality. The author is successful in describing the queen who is a beautiful woman and a shrewd naval commander who has used pirates arm in order to get the finances and goods.

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