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This position is quite serious in the United Arab Emirates and that is the reason why in the current they have taken different measures to provide equal employment opportunities. The phenomenon of Emiratisation was initiated because of this and this phenomenon revolves around the scenario that it is actually a movement that was initiated by the government of United Arab Emirates. This policy was implemented by the government of United Arab Emirates to employ its citizens in the public and private sectors of UAE. Through this policy they have reduced the dependency of foreign workers (Rehman, 2007).

This strategy in the current era is used by other countries as well and the core purpose of this policy is to promote and generate employment for the locals. Through this strategy a country can easily solve its problems and the locals of a certain country can easily work in their own country. The government of the UAE is actually drawing the nationals of United Arab Emirates into their surging economy.

Thus, in a nutshell it can be concluded that if the government of United Arab Emirates discontinue this strategy then the aftermaths of doing this are enormous. The capital of United Arab Emirates would fly to other countries of the world and this would pursue a long term negative effect on the economic strategy of United Arab Emirates. However, analysts and strategists believe that this strategy would prevail in the entire Middle East because it has long term positive affects for the locals of United Arab Emirates. The industries of UAE in the current stage are not ready to hire locals because of lack of expertise but as they time passes by and due to government regulations they are bound to hire individuals from the local market.

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