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The characters being played by these actresses are quite realistic rather than individual. These characters played by these actresses are universal that represent women all over the world and join them in a sisterhood. One character displays a cut-throat power woman in a snappy suit being played by Miquel Brown. The second character represents motherly figures who meditate when stressed which is played tremendously by Amanda Symonds. The third character is of the soap star which has been the glittering glamorous lady of her early twenties but now when she is going through the menopause phase, she tries to retain her glamorous lifestyle. This character has been beautifully portrayed by Samantha Hughes.

All these characters in this musical play perform an undaunted experience for the women all around the world. The show is extremely successful in changing the blurry perceptive of the women and encourages them to take step for themselves. The costumes in this play are exactly like the attire of the middle-aged women in America going through menopause phase of life. The talented actresses are successful in playing these characters with the heavy voices, un-toned bodies and their loose costumes in representing the women.

This show is portrayed completely in one hour and a half with the pop songs of 60s and 70s which make the play most interesting to the audience along with the funny start and hilarious body languages of the women acting in the play. The main set design of the play never changes which includes large department racks, tables and bathroom mirrors. This set is versatile as any designers in different show have designed this set with such background of the play.

The musical play includes parodies of two dozen pop songs which do not let the audience stop giggling. The writer Linder is highly successful in bringing an abstract to an absolute reality. This play is a hit and it has been performed in more than 110 cities. Millions of people have witnessed this comedy musical play and have danced with the musical flow of the play.

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