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The most famous work by Bela Bartok was published in the latter part of his life in New York known as Concerto for Orchestra which he commissioned. He died in New York because of the Leukemia. The community of folk music which possess the complete history and systematic work of the Bela Bartok gave provided his medical fee in the hospital when his condition was critical. This shows that he didn’t live in complete poverty and the work he commissioned earned him enough revenue for living (Bartók and Suchoff).

Bela Bartok is a musical legend and he is valued by many of the musicians of the contemporary world. Bela Bartok’s work was of Hungarian origin but had a slight effect of Romanian folk music. His analytical work for the contributions and the songs based on the romanticism is famous among masses. Contemporary music is the developed form or a new version of his songs as he had provided all forms of the musical contribution of the genre folk. Other contributors have also worked in the same field but he stands out because he has been able to provide the real meaning of the ethnomusicology and imparted the knowledge of transition in musical tradition among nations and old civilizations.

Bela Bartok has devoted his life for the musicology and in order to provide a separate position to the field of music, he had travelled and learned all the different language which were necessary for him to understand the custom and tradition of civilizations. His work illustrated the folk music and the transition of civilizations which will be used by the people of contemporary world. The music field is broadened and made vast for the new musicians because of musical contributors like Bela Bartok.

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