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As evident by the name of the novel by the renowned author Upton Sinclair, describes how capitalism era as a jungle can ruin the base of a family and how it can destroy a social set up in any society as well. A family is the basic institution that plays an important role in the society. When a family setting is ruined due to the political system, it can affect the order of a balanced society. Capitalism is a system where the rich accumulate more wealth and the poor struggle to make ends meet.

The main purpose of this paper is to analyze ways in which Sinclair has depicted capitalism as a concept of governance that is destructive. This paper therefore attempts to validate view of the author that capitalism has actually proved to be a downturn for the society and it is surely not benefiting it and it should be replaced by socialism. The author has given the example of a family in his novel and depicts how a family living in a capitalist society can be affected by it. In this essay we shall briefly describe ways in which capitalism can be dangerous to a society by affecting its base system by discussing capitalism with regards to the author Sinclair’s depiction in his novel The Jungle.

The novel is basically a brief description of a family that struggles for a better living in a capitalism era. Capitalism is defined as an economic and social system that allows the patterns of the capital to be governed or controlled privately. The novel had projected the family that had been suffering through extreme poverty. Through the novel The Jungle, the author Upton Sinclair had highlighted the problems that the working class may suffer in the capitalist regime.

The author Upton Sinclair gives the solution to get away with the concept of capitalism where some of the giants in the corporate sector monopolize reigns of business. Due to monopoly exercised by these business giants, poor men face the dilemmas of unhealthy living. The capitalist theory that has been put forward by the author in his book enterprises the labor reform. Sinclair justifies socialism and suggests that socialism on fairness basis needs to be initiated in the American society rather than capitalism.

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