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Multinational organizations usually focus a lot on the culture of the organization because they believe that they must comply with the other cultures in order to succeed. McDonalds is operating in more than 120 countries and they have to adapt with the cultures of different nations. For example in certain countries people don’t like ham and therefore in this scenario McDonalds have to focus on beef and chicken. Similarly, in certain countries like India McDonalds have to initiate a vegetable burger because people are more into vegetables in this country (Facella and Genn). Therefore, it can be said that the organization has to vary its strategy and they have to change their strategy with respect to different countries.

This would enhance their customer base in both the short and the long run. McDonalds emphasizes a lot on the culture and they have the tendency to vary their menu, spices, size of meal etc. The organization and its senior managers believe that changing the menus and even the minute aspects are important for multinational organizations because these organizations believe that catering to every individual and fulfilling the needs of every customer is essential for an organization.

Thus, in a nutshell one can say that marketing in fast food restaurant might be a difficult task because the needs and preferences of customers vary from culture to culture and from place to place. That is the reason why organizations and especially fast food chains focuses a lot on the behaviour of customers and the change in culture. McDonalds focuses a lot on different marketing activities and through planning, proper communication patterns, understanding of the consumer behaviour McDonalds is considered as a success story.

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