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There were several reasons responsible for revolution in Great Britain. One of the main reasons was the presence of large deposits of coal and iron that were crucial for the industrialization which was just beginning at that time. Other resources required by the industries in Great Britain were imported its colonies which also gave boost to their economies and industries. It also emphasized the position of Europe as a colonist region.

The industrial revolution was still taking place in Europe when markets were being set up in its colonies.  These markets were one of the main points of destination for British products and played an important role in increasing the significance of textile and iron industries in Britain (Willis).

The creation of new industries as well as the European industrialization process also led to the increase in demand of British products.  This forced businesses to increase their output with limited resources, causing an increase in price of raw material and labor, thus raising production cost.  Despite all the efforts of the industry, the ever increasing demand of British products could not be met until the industrial capacity was increased. More industries were opened in order to seek more economical and efficient ways to use capital and labor but to no avail. Technological advancement seems that only way out for the European markets in order to increase their activities. This was achieved during the period of colonies. The extensive technological advancement did not happen in just one century. In fact this advancement is a process of centuries. The scientific work of scientists such as Galileo, Francis and Newton has contributed a lot in the advancement of Europe and this period is considered as the golden era of Europe.

The modernized machines that were used in the factories would actually require more power instead of the power generated through the water wheels which was considered as the older method of generating power. Instead of the water wheels and horse generated power, steam engines were used in the period of advancement. This method was relatively cheap and efficient in both the short and the long run. The first steam engine was produced in 1698 by a Cornish army officer Thomas Savery. Later on in 1712 Thomas Newcomen improved the steam engine and a better model was developed by him.

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