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The Canadian maritime’s culture and history is vast and consists of a rich history which dates back from 1500 and onwards. Numerous regions of the world underwent significant development in areas pertaining to fishing in the 16th century. The field of fisheries began to grow rapidly and saw exponential adoption in certain areas of the world. In this paper we shall discuss the history of Canadian fisheries after the 1500s. In particular, the paper shall explore the discovery of the Canadian fisheries and shall delve into the reasons that resulted in the development of conflict within the same. These observations and elaborations shall be made in a chronological order and proceed accordingly as well. The paragraphs to follow shall also serve to highlight the significance of the role of Atlantic fisheries in Canadian maritime history and culture.


John Cabot is considered to be one of the first pioneers in the exploration of the regions of Newfoundland that eventually contributed to the development of Canadian Fisheries. He began the exploration in 1497 and sailed under the English flag of King Henry VII. The discoveries made as a result of this exploration expedition can be regarded as developments that gave birth to some of the earliest traces of the fishing in the region. John Cabot is also renowned not only for his explorations but also for his method of fishing Cod[1].

The Cod is one of the world’s most consumed fishes and is perhaps one the few members of the fish family that are easy to keep for months at a time and and this is why fishes such as these were preferred since they had to be taken across long distances through the rudimentary modes of transportation that were available in those time. In the days of John Cabot, the greatest amount of Cod was perceived to be present in the Grand banks (the centre piece of a broad continental shelf)[2]. The Fishermen started fishing in the spring and kept the anchor in the water till fall. This increased level of activity began to show significant implications in the involved economies by the end of the 16th century. The fisheries served to not only bring about a prominent change in the economies but also resulted in the development of a conflict between the involved economies as well. It is important to highlight here that this rivalry was witnessed initially between England and France.


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