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A brand is a single identity in the minds of the consumers. Brands are very important in today’s world and strong brands possess the power of attracting customers. Getting consumer attention in the hotel industry is quite a difficult task because the industry is very competitive. Consumer decision making helps the managers to effectively respond to consumer needs and build a powerful brand. Branding the hospitality industry is very important because it will result in positive trends and would affect the entire industry in a positive manner. Branded hotels depict a sign of prestige and people perceive branded hotels as a sign of quality and trust. These brands possess the power of satisfying the psychological needs of the consumers.

In this paper we would analyze the relationship between hotel brands and consumer behavior. Additional emphasis is laid on finding factors that affect the consumer decision making in choosing a hotel.  These factors would be assessed for their impact of customer choice amongst competitors in the hospitability industry. The analysis is carried out by gathering the responses from customers to present both perspectives relating to the current research. For this purpose interviews are conducted to examine the relationship of brand name with consumers’ hotel choice. Qualitative methods are used to gather support information and draw conclusions regarding consumers’ brand choices with features of branded hotels also being discussed in this paper.  The current research has its limitations however all attempts are made to provide readers with sufficient information to evaluate brand association with various leading hotels and the basis for consumers’ choice.

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