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This article “Hidden job market” is written quite well and it actually emphasizes a job market that is not visible for general job seekers. The author emphasizes different aspects that are actually associated with the job market and stresses on the scenario that how people acquire jobs. After that the author discusses the hidden job market in detail and how an individual can easily acquire jobs through different hidden advertisements.

The best point about the article is that it actually gives an in-depth analysis of the recruitment policies that are not advertised and how individuals benefit from it. In the similar manner, it is the types of interviews that are of informal nature are evaluated in a proactive manner and it gives information about different recruitment policies. These two elements of this article can be regarded as one of the best aspects of this article because it gives appropriate detail about the article. However, this article lacks more information about the hidden job market and how individuals can achieve jobs through it. Furthermore, referrals and networking of individuals can also be discussed extensively in this article. In the similar manner a prolific ending or in other words it can be said that a gist of the entire essay is missing in the end. There is a room for adding more information and this entire article can become more informative.

However, it can be concluded that all in all it is a well written article and the sources are well organized and used in an effective and efficient manner. Information on the actual article is less but it is organized properly and there is room for further research.

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