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Organizations are changing their horizon and these organizations are opting for new and modernized methods to achieve their mission and vision. They have transformed through different phases and they have re-engineered their processes. This change management processes and reengineered policies have helped these organizations to enhance their customer base, expand their operations and focus on their core competencies. In this paper we will discuss the general electric company’s redesigned policies and procedures and how they have reengineered their businesses. The impact on their workforce and their internal and external changes are emphasized in this paper. Moreover, the Haier organizational and entrepreneurial policies are compared with general electric.

GE (General Electric) is considered as a multinational organization which is an American technology and services conglomerate and it incorporated in the United States. As far as the ranking is concerned the company is ranked as the 10th largest company.  This organization is considered as one of the successful organizations of all times and different management principles and practices are successfully implemented in this organization. GE possesses the quality of transforming itself and in the late 1980’s GE reengineered its business processes and initiated a direct control program. This program was directed towards redesigning the information systems of the organization. The company ended up in transforming itself into low cost dealers. After that GE never looked back and they initiated different programs of redesigning their old systems and management policies were revamped (Rothschild, 2007). They have initiated different processes of innovation and these reengineered programs have helped them in both the short and the long run. With the charismatic leadership of Jack Welch the company has transformed itself for a normal organization to knowledge based learning organization. Many strategists believe that this organization has gained success just because they have implemented the policies of phenomenal leader Jack Welch.

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