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Although there are numerous things and elements one can learn as a visitor. But the most important aspect of this virtual museum is the gallery section. The gallery section includes different areas and it gives a glimpse of ancient times. It seems that a visitor is entering into an exhibition and he/she can see different paintings, sculptures and artifacts.

A single click enables the visitor to see different pictures and the text describes the quality, size and the material of the picture, artifact or sculpture. Enlarged images can be seen on image viewer and the close version of the picture and sculpture would highlight details in that picture. Visitors can see the pictures closely and that’s one of the beneficial features of this virtual museum. Thus, the gallery section gives in-depth analysis of all the elements that are directly related to the field of arts. Elements like Egyptian sculptures, sculptures of modern times etc can easily be accessed through this section.

Thus we can conclude that although paintings and sculptures look more beautiful when they are viewed in real museums but in today’s world a lay man don’t have time to visit such exhibitions and galleries. Therefore, virtual museums are beneficial to all those individuals that are interested in arts and paintings. Virtual museums can save their time and gives a detailed description about the item that is viewed.

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