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Peter Berger in his book presents the field of sociology that it includes family, sociology of community, psychology, sociology of religion, environmental sociology, sociology of language, sociology of literature, comparative sociology, sociology of art, sociology of architecture, rural sociology, urban sociology, sociology of gender, sociology of punishment etc. He does so with the examples but he lacks in the formation of the ideas through compare and contrast approach.

There is another important topic introduced in the book by the author Peter Berger that the sociologist himself is the person who is trying to gather data of the people whom he would consider as a subject. The point that arose from the physical science field is that, the sociologist concludes whatever suits their mindset. This point is not addressed by Peter Berger in his book the way it should gave been. The elucidation to this problem was given by the Weber that in the studies of sociology, sociologist understand the sociology of people and they understand how to control their feelings and emotions (Webe and Zohn). That’s why there is no point to get worried about the sociological conclusion because these sociologists are intellectuals and are enough knowledgeable about the previous societies as well the developing new societies of the world.

Peter Berger has introduced the man in the society in the most realistic manner which is most surprisingly unique for the readers. Some might address his statement with a positive response while some of the societies in contrary of the nature of other societies would exclaim his statement to be wrong and irrelevant. As sociologist describes the difference among the social sciences and physical sciences, there are no accurate formulas in sociology, all the members of the society are different from each other, and similarly societies are different from each other. Hence his introduction to the man is not acceptable in terms of opposing bodies (Berger 56).

Peter Berger has taken help of many of the accounts of other sociologists in order to describe his views regarding most of the important concepts, this approach of adding the contrast and then providing the justification of Berger has blurred his vision and perspective which he tried to transmit through his book. This does not mean that he duplicated the identity but he is dependent upon other sociologists.

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