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The evil side of the story that had managed to provide the message of the author is Bob E Well who is the most contemptible character of the novel. The story depicts Bob E Well as a complete failure in the society who tried to accuse Tom Robinson for raping his Bob’s daughter that is completely false. Bob E Well makes up the complete drama for the sake of the racial discrimination. Tom Robinson is a black citizen of the Maycomb who came to help Bob’s family. For the purpose of personal benefit, Bob coerces his daughter to take part in the false accusation on Tom Robinson. Such an incident in the story describes the evil nature of the world that a man can do anything and can even put his own life on the stakes for the purpose of his own personal benefits (Lee).

The elaboration of the theme that everything that is in the world is evil has been done by the projection of the children of Finch family. The transition that happens in the lives of the children greatly signifies the cruelty of the people who can do anything for the purpose of their profit. The author had described the idea that everything and everyone in the world is good for a person till the time he remains unknowledgeable regarding the reality of the world (Ryan).

A lot of critique noted that the book was never critiqued until the 30 years by any of the classic literature writers or critiques. It is due to its powerful narratives of the book that it managed to set its moral as a secondary thought of the mass readership. Author had successfully managed to account his perspective that people who become the victim of the evil is due to their ignorance of the fact of the real world that it’s the world of evil. Harper Lee describes this assertion my projecting the characters of Boo E Well and Tom Robinson. The great turn that takes place in the novel is the time when both the children Scout and Jeremy become the victim of Bob E Well out of his ego (Adams).

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