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The current financial crisis has impeded the international business as US corporations are finding it difficult to sell their products elsewhere when there is overall decline in the local market. A mix trend is observed in other countries where on one hand European and Middle Eastern countries and Japan are already down in their economic activities and on the other hand countries like China and India which are mostly dependent on the US market for their exports are currently unaffected by the economic crisis but are expected to experience downturn if the current financial crisis continues for another few years (Toporowski).

It has also been observed that private companies in many countries have sought support from their governments by taking stake in them. This is move seen as to preserve these companies and also to avoid shocks in their financial markets which could yield in much wider and devastating shocks resulting from liquidity and credit crisis (Vina and Stirling). Also IMF is under pressure due to its limitations of financing countries which have been adversely affected by the current financial crisis. Therefore, there are still dark clouds looming over some countries whose faith was depending upon the demand for their products and services in the US (IMF).

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