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An image is built up by synthesis and sequences of activities that gradually makes the required effects. The concept of computer graphics works parallel with these sequences as computer graphics requires the synthesis building in an image for the creation of graphics. The chaos game and Sierpinski gasket (triangle) are the fractals which are most interesting and help to build interesting images through the accurate methods of constructions. In this paper we shall discuss the fractals and the methods to create the chaos game and Sierpinski triangle. Moreover we shall discuss in this paper the construction of Sierpinski triangle via chaos game.

A fractal is an image that is self-analogous which shows the smaller segments of the image adequately similar to the overall image. The most famous fractal is the Sierpinski triangle which is actually the mathematical graph that is greatly and widely used in the computer graphics. The construction of the Sierpinksi triangle is easy yet it can be easily constructed by the forming one triangle in contact with the other triangle (Jones, 2001). There are many java programs which use the Sierpinski triangle for the building and construction of the images. The construction of the Sierpinski triangle is evident from the figure.

The initial step in the construction of this gasket is to start with an equilateral triangle. The second step involves the division of the original equilateral triangle into four triangles by using the mid-points of the each side of the original triangle. The third step is to remove the interior triangle by making sure that the boundaries are not removed.

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