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Also, in the case of early adopters of the iPhone who already held an AT&T account, the purchase of the iPhone meant that they would have to pay additional charges in order to make use of the iPhone[1]. The service charges in this regard alone were ones that came to staggering amount when considered in the perspective of the two year contract upon which they applied. What came as an even more severe limitation was that apple’s website openly declared that a two year contract with apple’s appointed carrier was mandatory if consumers wanted to make use of all the iPhone features since it was considered by apple to be an activation requirement.

This limitation pertaining to carriers was later removed and consumers were given the comfort of selecting and adopting their own carriers. In this regard, it came as an unfair deal for early adopters of the iPhone, the larger majority of who were iPhone loyalists.

In this regard, we can surmise that not only was apple’s launching of the iPhone unfair when considered with regard to early adopters but the subsequent approach that apple maintained towards the early adopters of the iPhone was also one that was considered inappropriate by the early adopters.

It is important to highlight at this point that sales data speculated by critics and market analysts shows that the iPhone has been a huge success in the consumer market but this does not serve as a reason to believe that the iPhone was just as popular across early adopters. In essence, the market share captured through early adopters remains distinct from the market share that apple captured when it decided to launch the iPhone into the mass market[2]. needless to highlight, the launching strategy for the iPhone was one that was designed to follow a sequence based revealing of the phone in which the phone was not released simultaneously across the US and UK consumer markets but was revealed with periodic pauses across different regions across the world.

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