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The criticism regarding both the system had always been in debate and continues its toll because of the mix perspectives of people. Sometimes it becomes complicated to decide that which system should be followed. The poor will continue to defend the socialism as the richer would gain more dependency on the capitalism as a way of setting of system in a society (Nash, Jeffrey and Howe).

The masterpiece of the book is that it clearly demonstrates the social Darwinism through the depiction of the characters of the novel. Sinclair had initiated the elaboration of the effects of the capitalism on the society. In support of the thesis statement laid out for this analysis one can conclude that the capitalist society has many flaws and it will never be able to balance the equality in the society because only handful of people will be able to work harder and sustain their mobility rate while others will always be incapable of excel more in life due to the less chances to experience the opportunity of successful ventures. Therefore, the only way out of the capitalist regime is to support and ensure that socialism takes over the societal structure.

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