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With the waves crashing on the shore, the golden sand sparkling in the sunlight and crystal clear water, the beach is undoubtedly one of my most favorite places to be. This is one place that anyone can enjoy being alone or with company. It has a deep and calming effect and is a place for everyone. Whether one wants to have fun, thrill, activity or needs a peaceful and relaxing time, beach is simply the perfect place to be in all sorts of mood.

The perfect time to go out and enjoy the maximum beauty of the beach is the morning. The rising sun from the horizon unfolding its rays producing a gentle comforting heat is perfectly complemented by the cool waves striking against the shore. The steady rhythmic sound of the waves gliding over the sand coupled by the thinning fog and the gentle breeze creates a magical aura that deeply soothes the soul. The beautiful combination of the bright blue sky with white clouds looking like fluffy cotton balls, to the bluish green water against a bed of golden sand creates such a mesmerizing sight for the eye that one can’t help being admired by such miracles of nature.

Seagulls gliding over the water, children playing around, adults surfing; it looks like the water has infused a sense of merriment and joy in all. Such is the power of the beach. The day passes slowly and steadily and comes the time for the sun to go down and impart a majestic beauty to the beach once again. The sky changes color and tends to redden slightly- the descending sun’s reflection in the water, rising pace of the waves against the dropping heat of the sand and the seagulls preparing to depart to their homes, all gel together to create a never-to-be-missed sight.

Nature reveals itself and life shows its true colors at the beach.

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