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The iPhone is a GSM based Smartphone that was introduced by apple around the middle of 2007. Over twenty million units of the apple iPhone have been sold to date and more are being sold. The iPhone offers features such as a touch-sensitive screen based interface, a built-in portable media player, a sophisticated internet client, a camera equipped phone, and several other application supporting compatibilities[1]. With regard to apple iPhone users who chose to adopt the product early, a number of factors can be seen in apple’s marketing strategy which can be interpreted to indicate that apple was unsuccessful in remaining loyal to its early adopters.

The most essential factor in this regard is the fact that although the apple iPhone became extremely popular, apple decided to decrease the prices of the product after three months of the launching of the product. This came as a blow to the most faithful of apple’s consumers who had bought the 3G iPhone for the original price of $599 during the first three months of the product launching. It served as a discouraging factor to Apple’s consumers and the scenario worsened further when apple chose to bring down the price all the more to almost 50% of what the price of the Apple 3G iPhone was costing at the time of its launching in September 2007.

Consumers who were loyal to apple and chose to buy the iPhone were communicated a message that was riddled with inadaptability when consumers were forced to make use of AT&T as their singular service provider. This served to cause the instigation of a significant opposition in the consumers when a large share of the consumers chose to make use of alternate carriers.

The iPhone incorporated this limitation during its launch that had implications upon early adopters of the iPhone. Early adopters of the iPhone were forced to make use of AT&T’s services.

[1] K. German, Apple iPhone 3GS – 32GB – Black (At&T), CNET Reviews, 2009, Retrieved September 1, 2009, <;contentBody>.

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