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Women were not even accepted to take part in property and good buys and sales. They were not permitted to buy any property on their name. The complete right of the property and law was given to husband after marriage (Pomeroy, 1995). Sarah notifies that if women were to be divorced then the rights over them were sent back to their fathers or nearest relatives. Women had no right to vote for operations of the state. They were not including in the legal proceedings of the court of state.

In the ancient Greek times, people had clearly altered their views for women from every angle. No one ever thought to give rights to the women though they worshipped the temple of Athena but still people continued to suppress the weak women and kept them under their stern control which kept the women weak and powerless. It can be concluded that assertion concluded by Sarah Pomeroy regarding the role of the women in her book “Goddesses, Whores, Wives and Slave” is correct that the women in the early Greek era had no rights and had limited access to socialize and enhance morale.

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