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The airbus A380 is an airliner that was released by airbus in 2004. The airbus A380 is a double-deck, wide body aircraft and is known as the largest passenger aircraft in the world to date. Official plans to build the airbus A380 began in 2000 and the aircraft is currently being recognized as a monument to passenger and freight aircraft. However, the airbus A380 experienced a significant number of hurdles in its initial times with regard to early adopters. One of the earlier adopters of the A380 was Emirates airlines.

During manufacturing, the Airbus A380 suffered consecutive delays and by the time it was finally delivered; only a small number of the orders initially placed for the aircraft remained.  The scenario became such that major freighter UPS placed an order of ten Airbus A380s on the condition that it would confirm the order only if the delivery dates given by Airbus were feasible to it[1].

A total of two delays were observed in the finalizing of the Airbus A380 before it was available for commercial use. The consecutive cancellations of the Airbus A380 release led to a decrease in the devotion that Airbus had managed to develop for the Airbus A380 during the course of its launching and test flights. Issues such as cable installations cause repetitive failure of Airbus to deliver the Airbus A380 on the specified time.

Another fact pertaining to the Airbus A380 pertains to the fact that recently this year Emirates registered a number of complaints against the Airbus A380 for nearly fifty flaws that they found in the Airbus A380. It is essential to highlight that Emirates currently ranks as the highest ranking consumer of Airbus A380 and has placed over fifty orders for the aircraft. It is therefore apparent that even though Airbus is continuously making corrections and amendments to the aircraft, a significant degree of repairing and improvement still remains to be done and the early adopters are being given the sharp end of the deal[2]. Considering the fact that the case in point is that of a passenger airliner where  lives are at stake in the event of any mishap on board the aircraft, Emirates had to cancel a number of its Airbus A380 flights in light of manufacturing faults such as electric cable faults, engine imperfections, missing cabin fittings and the like.

The case of the Airbus A380 goes to show that not only are initial communication strategies but also strategies implemented with regard to early adopters in the earlier phases of the product are just as imperative. We can surmise therefore that while it is essential for Airbus to maintain a good reputation with its early adopters in order to make the Airbus A380 a success. But the fact that the product under discussion, the Airbus A380, is a product that incorporates a significant degree of financial and non‑financial significance and those consumers are not willing to take risks on it.

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