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However, it can be clearly said that the white Australian policy is basically a policy that revolves around racism and hatred for others and that is the reason why such policies should be abandoned. Most of the countries of the world in today’s world are regarded as multicultural a society that is the reason why such white policies that are based on racism must be abolished.

The abolition of the policy actually started during the World War II but efforts were made by certain individuals like Prime Minster John Curtin when he says that this country should be free from other descendants. Different ethnocentric slogans were established at that time and slogans like ‘Fill with whites and stop the yellows’ were actually initiated in the country. All the refugees from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines were deported from Australia and even the senior officials of certain other countries were not allowed to enter Australia. But different movements were started against racism and prejudicial activities that is the reason why the Australian policy began to shift slightly towards the immigration process. Therefore, the people of Australia and the Australian government actually realized that this policy is not a good measure in both the short and the long run that is the reason why it should be abolished. According to the Colombo plan certain students of Asia and other countries were actually allowed to study in the Australian universities in the year 1950. In the similar manner in the year 1959 the Australian people were allowed to sponsor their spouses for citizenships (Maddison and Denniss 2009). Moreover, in the year 1964 the conditions for the entry of Non-European stock were actually relaxed. It was decided by the Australian government that people of other countries would be allowed in Australia depending on the fact that they are financially stable enough to meet the living standards of this country and they are well qualified enough to comply with the rules and regulations of Australia. In the similar manner the government of Holt Liberal actually decided that people of other countries can also become a part of Australia and they can be the permanent residents of this country.

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