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Simply casting larger women, [or darker women] may not be sufficient to stave off negative comparisons. Harrison and Cantor (1997) found that White women who watched more programming with plus size main characters were less satisfied with their own bodies than were women who watched programs with thin or average-sized main characters.

It must be recognized that television dialogue projects additional meaning onto the bodies shown by praising thin women for their appearance and deriding heavier women (Fouts & Burggraf, 2000). An investigation of appearance-related dialogue is necessary to determine whether programs with predominantly Black casts transmit messages that are as flexible and accepting as their images. (cited in Schooler, Ward, Merriwether & Caruther, 2004, p. 44)

In conclusion, the article I found presented and interesting study on the role of race in the media concerning eating disorders and how they affect the psychology of women. The article exemplified the social comparison theory with its results and paved a way for future researches on eating disorders classified according to the media’s representation of race.

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