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It is significant that when young people first drink they do so unsupervised. It also found that the risk of initiation is not restricted to any part of adolescence, rather can occur at any time throughout. Another study showed that white teenagers were more likely to drink alcohol than blacks and Hispanics (Blum, Beuhring, Shew, bearinger, Sieving, & Resnick, 2000). Parents who show practically and forethought can delay this initiation by providing clear and proactive family standards. While 14-15 year olds drink away from home and do so with the intention of recreation and testing their limits.

In contrast 16-17 year olds consider their drinking as sign of maturity and are more open about their behavior. Research has shown that alcohol is also linked by young people to their perception of themselves and their self definition. Poor parental authority, absenteeism from school, living in an underprivileged neighborhood and early involvement with alcohol are all factors which increase the likelihood of alcohol use in youth (Alcohol Concern, 2004).

Other risk factors may range from genetics and brain chemistry, which may make teens more susceptible to alcohol abuse to psychosocial factors such as learning problems and other impediments. Lack of education, resources and opportunities to form bonds in the community and pro alcohol messages remain the primary cause for alcohol initiation and abuse (Alcaraz, 2004).

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