As a result of looking at artistic skills and relating it to post-modern thinking there has also been a different view of technology. The introductions of new technologies that are image-based have helped to come up with a large influx of the photographic imagery of the human beings. These image-based technologies are the likes of television, the internet, screen printing, computers as well as video.

There has also been the film influx of different places and events. This has in turn reduced the reliance on having to learn the skills of draughtsman-ship These new technologies have paved way for the artists to make some changes in the traditional process that was previously used in ‘making art’. However, they still give them the ability to come up with other different new things. Together with this, there has also been an impact on the visual arts which has resulted from the growth in instant gratification and consumerism. Modern consumers require novelty. They also want entertainment. Thus, their desire to be stimulated and shocked has been taken care of. New artistic subject-matter has satisfied their desires in this.

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