Furthermore, technological transition can never be an instantaneous event for any business. For purposes of operational harmony and IT compatibility, decisions must be passed to incorporate extra IT specialists for technical support to the team herein. The team will consider such decisions based on employee needs, departmental position and professional opinion. In the same lime, Matt will be responsible for disposing of electronic waste as need be.

When it comes to implementation logistics, each department has a right to forward their budget to the team. We shall then look into those budgets with a sense of economic scrutiny under the leadership of Deb. Should it prove viable, the team shall draft a provisional shortfall budget to that effect. Such a budget must be economical, reasonable and necessary if Ben has to approve more funding for the project. Accountability and transparency are core components of any worthy project. As a result, Deb will counter check financial records of the project on a regular basis. She will also help with drawing the financial report at the end of the project period.

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