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Japan is one of the progressing countries of the world and many developed countries are following the footsteps of Japan. There are countries that have even copied the technologioes and the technological principles of Japan because nearly all the countries believe that they are on a progressive track. Japan has one of the highest technological exports in the world and they are famous for their latest methologies of work and their workforce is highly skilled as well.

There are many countries in the world  that actually claim that they are true are leaders of technology and they can lead the entire world with their technologies. In the similar manner the collaborative effort of Japan and strong technological relations with other countries is one of the biggest reasons of their quality (Low 2005). Since, Japan is known for its quality but with the advent of its cost affective products this country created a new niche of products and customers were attracted towards the products of Japan. This advent of new products created a sustainable competitive advantage for this country in both the short and the long run

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