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Technology has changed the entire working scenario of today’s world and newer ways are developing day by day that are eradicating the conventional methods of working. Organizations are getting bigger and stronger day by day and their area of operations is expanding. Organizations are changing their methodology of working and newer terms like employee empowerment, motivation and offshore outsourcing are changing the conventional methods of working. This abrupt shift of working has evolved newer means of communication and technology.

Innovative methodologies like video conferencing, voice chat and other related terminologies are making technology easier day by day. Through the advent of internet and its wireless access people can access the information and communicate with their family, friends and co-workers whenever they want and it’s not necessary to be in the same place all the time. People can even work at home and submit their work online just by sending and receiving information through the internet. Communication has changed the entire working methodology and it’s easier to work now. Studies suggest that most of the people especially working females prefer to work at home. Working in front of the computer screen is very easy when you are at your home. People can give time to their families and earn for their families in the same time. Many internet websites are offering typing work that can be done just by working at home and typing the task which has been assigned. Mostly the third world countries are following this phenomenon of working at home because people in the developed countries are outsourcing work to them. This can create effectiveness and companies can attain cost effectiveness through this approach.

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