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“Techniques of teaching the English finite verb to speakers of other languages must account for meaning that is signalled by the structure alone and meaning derived from the context.” (Gorayska) Six verb forms can be established if the finite and non-finite are taken as two different categories. “These are finite stem, finite stem +s, finite stem +ed, non finite stem +ing and non-finite stem +ed. These forms occur either singly or in groups. A study of the large body of English reveals that the most useful (frequent) forms are the three finite forms occurring singly. These three forms account for well over half of all verb form usage.” (McEldowney 137)

McEldowney says that the three finite forms occurring singly are not taught to students who are learning English. It is logical that basic stems should be taught to English learners because they have to build a strong foundation. (McEldowney 138) Making this part of instruction in a classroom, “allows a great deal of necessary receptive experience before the learner is asked to produce any language and… it is an area in which a need for a language item can be established in the learner’s mind with the minimum of extra language to distract from the learning point.” (McEldowney 138)

Native English speakers have enough command over the English language that they can mold and creatively use it in many different forms and for many different purposes. A person whose native language is not English faces many difficulties when he or she tries to mold the language to use it in different ways. “When teaching these verbs, the instructor should present charts containing the components of motion and discuss the meaning of the verbs and metaphors. Attention should be given to the adverbs of place and position of speakers when interacting in a dialogue.” (Almeida 617)

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